IDT offers DDR2 PLLs,?registers, advanced memory buffers, and temperature sensors.

DDR2 Advanced Memory Buffers (AMB)

Fully compliant with the?JEDEC?advanced memory buffer (AMB) specifications, the?IDT?AMB?is an essential building block for high-bandwidth applications, such as servers, workstations and communications equipment, which require increased performance and large memory capacities. The?FB-DIMM?channel architecture offers high-speed, serial, point-to-point connection between the memory controller and modules, allowing designers to use a large number of DIMMs within a single system without an adverse impact on speed.

IDT AMBs also offer:

  • Ultra-low power?AMB?solutions
  • Years of proven in-system reliability in major?platforms
  • Integrated heat spreader option with the latest?AMB+?device
  • Accurate built-in temperature sensor for optimal performance?delivery
  • Quad rank and?DDR2?533/667/800?operation
  • Unique?DDR2?architecture capable of driving up to 32?FB-DIMM?memory?slots
  • Buffering of data internally on the chip and receiving or forwarding it to the next?DIMM?or memory?controller

DDR2 Temperature Sensors

IDT provides digital temperature sensor products with accuracy up to ±0.5°C typical, designed to target applications demanding the highest level of temperature readout. The family of low-power, precision temperature sensors target Double Data Rate 2 and 3 (DDR2 and DDR3) memory modules, Solid State Drives (SSD), and computing motherboards. These devices complement IDT’s PCI Express?, signal integrity, power management, and timing products to offer a rich set of application optimized enterprise computing solutions.