One Stop Source

IDT is the only "one stop" source with PCIe solutions for:

?- Switches
?- Bridges
?- Signal Integrity
?- Timing


Optimized Switches

IDT offers the industry's most comprehensive family of PCIe switching solutions optimized for the most demanding applications - including server, embedded, networking, storage, and communications.


Leading Features

IDT leads the industry in introducing advanced switch features such as multicast, multi-root partitioning, and multiple non-transparent bridges.

PCI Express Logo

PCI Express is an industry-standard, high-performance, general-purpose serial I/O chip-to-chip and board-to-board interconnect providing a cost-effective, low-pin count interface offering maximum bandwidth per pin. Key features of the standard include:?

  • High bandwidth, point-to-point interconnect: I/O bandwidth scalable to 64 GBps at a signaling rate of 8 GHz?
  • Scalable bandwidth to match system requirements: supports multiple interconnect widths from 1-32 PCI Express lanes?
  • Built on top of existing PCI infrastructure: software compatible with existing OSs and device driver interfaces?
  • Supports unique, advanced features: power management, hot swap and hot plug, data integrity, advanced error logging and reporting, QoS

Download: PCI Express Timing Solutions Overview (PDF)
???????Download: PCIe Measurement Techniques for Gen5 and Beyond White Paper (PDF)